At the Branch and on the Go




Opening accounts is quick and easy with our account opening solution. Applicants and employees will have an seamless experience with opening accounts for new and existing accountholders.



Have your applicant's fund their new accounts through mobile deposits, ACH, credit cards or a debit account. These options ensure that you will keep that applicant no matter what their preference is.


Know Your Customer

The BOLTS account opening solution will ensure that you know your customer, through ID verification, CIP, OFAC check and account abuse checks. 


Third Party Integrations

boltsOPEN™ is designed to integrate with third party vendors for workflow services.

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The BOLTS account opening platform has a strong security package included. We offer MFA and secure messaging for the consumer driven account opening and geofencing and sophisticated scheduling for the banker driven account opening.



Never enter information twice. Our account opening Workspace technology keeps track of information that the customer or banker enters so that you can pick up from where they left off. Customers are also able to enroll in multiple products in the same sitting.


Rules Manager

Rules and regulations change frequently. We give you the power to change the application to meet new requirements without having to wait for a new release.